Extending Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Apps with Low Code

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This book should be part of the basic library of professionals who specialize or are preparing to be Microsoft business solutions architects.

The first impression one gets from reading it is that one needs a medium level of technical knowledge. However, the structure and organization of the contents ensure that those readers who do not master any of the areas treated can complete their abilities with this reading.
I would highlight the clear language and mastery over the author’s subject and especially the general organization of the book and how each chapter is structured.
It covers all the areas we need to efficiently extend Dynamics 365 Customer Enagagement applications, both commercially and technically.

Assistance and advice for certification.

I recommend it as reading material in preparation for the Power Platform Solution Architect Expert certification.

The contents and approach make this book help us when preparing the certification. Covering practically all CE areas and how to approach extension and integration with other environments is an essential reference for study

About the Author

To tell about Nicolas that we don’t know any more.

His professional trajectory precedes him and the knowledge of the architecture of CE and Power Platform is widely recognized.
MVP and one of the main referents of the technical community.

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